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It seems the biggest repository of user generated content for the excellent computer roleplaying game Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Vault, is down and may not come up again. That’s a huge amount of lost modules (a module is basically a new game world and/or modification) and tons of other resources.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many of those great modules saved, but I do have a couple of them lying around, so I thought I’d offer them up for download here since they are things I often come back to and play, and I don’t want them to disappear.

Update! Yeah, NWVault is still around. The tidings of doom I spouted turned out to be wrong. But I’ll keep these modules here anyway.

Good vs. Evil III – by John “Gestalt” Bye.

Good vs Evil III is a great strategy/RTS kind of module. You play as the leader of a faction and your goal is to defeat the opposing faction by taking over strategic points. You can spawn troops and order them to do various things. It’s very well made and great fun.

Click here to download

Harvest of Souls by By Deva Bryson Winblood.

This is a strategy/RTS and RPG hybrid type of module. It is somewhat similar to Good vs. Evil in that your character is the leader of a faction and that you can recruit/spawn troops and minions to do your bidding. But this module is more ambitious in that you have an entire fantasy world to explore and adventure in (if you so wish). You have a cool lair or fortress that acts as your base of operations and you can raid your opponents lairs with your minions (or by yourself, if you think you can handle it).

With this module I managed to snag the official manual as well, which you can get here (in .doc format).

Click here to download the module
Click here to download the required hak files

Please note, this module also requires the Community Expansion Pack.

Persistent World of Rhun – by Rhunning Team.

This is a persistent world module. That pretty much means a little MMO that you can run on your own server or by yourself. It’s adapted to run continuously on a server in much the same way as a regular MMO does. I played on this particular one back in the day and it’s quite good.

“A little bit about Rhun:

It is a vast world of adventure. The largest known city is Etum. The world is separated by a mountain range known as The Wyvern Spine. Etum has trade agreements with some other settlements in Rhun. One such settlement is the Village of Elidor, which lies to the southeast of Etum. Another settlement just started trading ore with Etum. This settlement is located high up in the Wyvern Mountains and is known as the Village of Glacial Hills.

Adventurers are eager to explore the world of Rhun and see what dangers lie within. You may get Recall Stones at your guilds; which is where the recall portal is as well. You may find a half-Orc, with a cart, that is ready to take you throughout Etum… for a price. Bards enjoy playing instruments in Rhun and they provide special gifts for themselves and their comrades… There have been numerous crimes reported so the King has called on the help of the Magistrates… so be careful when committing crimes in Etum. The penalties are severe.

You can buy maps of Rhun at the Etum Capitol building for a hefty fee. As the world of Rhun grows, many citizens are in need of champions to aid them in their quests…those willing to risk the dangers are encouraged to take up the call.

In Rhun we honor our dead. Some try to loot their graves but it only drives them to the side of evil. For the most powerful of champions, there are the Mountain Orcs and the Ice Blade Dwarven Tribe high up in the Wyvern Mountains that have been giving Glacial Hills its share of troubles.

There are many islands around Rhun; one of them is the Island of Taer. A strange desert island with an isolated village called Desert Springs. Not many dwell there fearful of the terrors the island is home to…

To the north lies uncharted forests and wilderness, and mysterious civilizations that it is home to. To the west of the mountain range, lies more jungle and even greater terrors in the form of winged lizards.

And of course not all the monsters dwell in the surface… there are even more dangerous creatures lying await in the darkness of Rhun’s Underdark. (More detailed account is written in The Guide Rhun’s Underdark)

In any case there is much for you to do in the World of Rhun.
Enjoy your travels. Watch your back. And keep a hand on your weapon at all times.”

Click here to download

Note: If you are the creator of one of these modules and wish me to remove them from the site, just use the contact form in the top menu, send me a message and I’ll remove it.

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