5 Great Swedish Movies You May Have Missed

I know these kind of lists are getting old really fast, but I thought that by narrowing my scope to the cultural output of my own largely irrelevant little country I might find myself with something vaguely original. Despite being a puny little nation with a meager 9,6 million inhabitants we have produced some films that I think people might appreciate, but might not have heard of before now.

I’ll try to avoid wasting your time with movies that are wildly popular or widely known outside of Sweden and instead focus on relatively recent movies that didn’t really make a significant impact outside our borders. They are probably known to most swedes, however.

I’m starting off with two movies by the same director and comedy troupe, simply because they’re two of the greatest films ever made. I considered leaving one of them out, but I just couldn’t decide which of them to leave out, so I decided to just use both of them, despite the lack of variety that might cause.

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Ghost – Ritual (Hellraiser music video)

Ghost is a heavy metal band with a theatrical flair. Their front man is an evil pope figure called Papa Emeritus and their music is a blend of classic heavy metal, heavy rock and stereotypically satanic lyrics. It all adds up to a pretty fun experience.

So, it occurred to me while rewatching the first Hellraiser film, that a music video made from footage from that movie would make for an excellent Ghost music video. Unfortunately, I’m not particulary good at making music videos, so the result may not be what either Ghost or Hellraiser deserves. But, for what it’s worth, here’s the video anyway.

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Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines: Alistair Grout

I’ve been replaying the excellent (although somewhat dated and despite official and unofficial patches, still buggy) RPG game Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines, a game based on the pen & paper roleplaying game called Vampire the Masquerade. One of my favourite parts of this game is the mansion of the Malkavian Alistair Grout. He was the leader of the Malkavian vampire clan in Los Angeles and had a background as a clinical psychologist. The Malkavian clan as a whole is afflicted by a curse in which all its members suffer from a mental disability or insanity of some kind. Throughout this Malkavian mansion there are a series of musings recorded by Grout that you can listen to as you explore his dwelling. They give a wonderful insight into the Malkavian clan and the various ways their affliction can manifest itself.

I dug those messages out of the guts of the game and put them together into one flash video file for my (and your, of course) enjoyment.

Neverwinter Nights

It seems the biggest repository of user generated content for the excellent computer roleplaying game Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Vault, is down and may not come up again. That’s a huge amount of lost modules (a module is basically a new game world and/or modification) and tons of other resources.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many of those great modules saved, but I do have a couple of them lying around, so I thought I’d offer them up for download here since they are things I often come back to and play, and I don’t want them to disappear.

Update! Yeah, NWVault is still around. The tidings of doom I spouted turned out to be wrong. But I’ll keep these modules here anyway.

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